Brian Higgins glides to another term in NY-26

Nov 4, 2020

Rep. Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo) coasted to victory Tuesday evening, securing a fourth term in New York's 26th Congressional District.

Higgins defeated Republican challenger Ricky Donovan Sr., unofficially, by a 36-point margin.

When he appeared at the Erie County Democratic Committee's briefing center in Larkinville Tuesday night, the results of the presidential race were still uncertain. He was asked how a victory by incumbent Donald Trump might affect relations with New York over the next four years.

Higgins said he would prefer Joe Biden be on his way to the White House.

Ricky Donovan Sr. ran unsuccessfully for NY-26 on the Republican party line.
Credit Ballotpedia

"I think that we can do the things that the president -- the current president -- has been promising for the last four years that has not materialized," Higgins said. "You know, an infrastructure bill, better patient protections. None of those things have come to the fore. So that's a disappointing record over the last four years."

Also important to Higgins are what he called the administration's "rollback" of environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. He also wants to preserve "standing patient protections in Medicare for more people in this country."