Broadway Market Center offers services to seniors

Dec 31, 2019

The Broadway Market is more than just a place for you to buy a butter lamb for Easter Sunday. For older adults in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood, the City of Buffalo Senior Drop In Center inside the market provides them with a familial atmosphere.

Credit WBFO News

Annette Reid has been working at the center for five years and said the center is a place where older adults can enjoy each other.

“They can stop in, have coffee, have donuts,” she said. “Get informational things about the services, anything senior-wise.”

Reid estimated 25-30 people stop in each day, many of whom lack personal transportation. In addition to providing pamphlets on senior services, Reid will bring in service providers to the center, including H.E.A.P and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Other times Reid will take people to places like Walmart or antique shops.

Ola Snell is someone who frequents the Drop In Center. Two years ago her house caught on fire and she now resides in a studio apartment. At the age of 103, her apartment is too confining so she comes to the center to have tea, play games and talk to her friends.

“I like the people,” she said. “It’s a variety of people. And you learn something from every one of them.”

Snell has lived in Buffalo for nearly 90 years, having moved to Buffalo from Alabama in the 1930’s. She said her favorite game is the card game Poch, a forerunner to Poker, which was developed in the 15th century.