Buffalo Auto Show opens in Convention Center

Feb 8, 2012

From now through Sunday, thousands of visitors are expected to check out various makes and models at the Buffalo Auto Show, hosted inside the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center.

It was several thousand square feet filled with dozens of cars on the upper level of the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center, with dozens more vehicles awaiting visitors downstairs.  Organizers say this massive undertaking begins in August, when they first plan how to distribute the space to the numerous automakers.

"We have a formula by which Hyundai or Mitsubishi or Volkswagen or BMW all receive 'X' amount of the pie, if you will, and you go about slicing it up," said Trey Barrett with the Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealer Association.   "It's a lot of work.  Sometimes you're not very popular, but at the end of the day we try to get everyone to play well in the sandbox together and it works out well."

Name the brand, organizers say, and they're present.   Barrett says various models and various prices will be on display.

"Every single brand, if you walk into any dealer across Erie and Niagara County, you can see that car here at the Auto Show.  We haven't been able to say that in years past," Barrett said. "We also have more vehicles, more manufacturers displayed, than in some of the premier shows.  Your Detroits, for instance..."

Other informational displays include fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and car related products.  Celebrity appearances are also scheduled.  

The Buffalo Auto Show coincides with what will already be a very busy weekend in downtown Buffalo.  The Winterfest and Powderkeg Festival will be held just a couple of blocks away while near the harbor what was supposed to be a pond hockey tournament will instead be a street hockey tournament.