Buffalo celebrates World Refugee day with stories from around the state

Jun 19, 2020

Buffalo residents get to listen to something a little different on their runs and walks on Saturday­–they can hear the stories of local refugees.

In honor of World Refugee Day, the International Institute of Buffalo collaborated with a number of local organizations to host “A Walk In Their Words.” This event brings stories of refugees and immigrants from around the globe into the community’s ears.

“This is an opportunity to learn a little more about refugees and immigrants as you walk around, and support the agencies that are helping refugees and immigrants,” said Eva Hassett, executive director of the International Institute of Buffalo.

She says that sharing and listening to these stories is important now more than ever.

“We’re at a moment where it's really important for us to learn about each other, and share perspectives with each other, and lift each other up,” said Hassett.

Buffalo is not the only city to participate in “A Walk In Their Words.” The event started in Utica, N.Y., and has been adopted in Albany and Rochester as well.

All of the proceeds go directly to the participating organizations that provide refugee services. The stories will also be available online for the next month for those who can’t attend.