Buffalo City Hall hiring Omar Mateen's security company

Jun 14, 2016

The mass murderer in Orlando was a private security guard for the same company being hired to provide security in Buffalo City Hall.

Upon the secret recommendations from federal Homeland Security, Buffalo is tightening security in City Hall, from metal detectors to armed private security and more than a hundred surveillance cameras. The plan is to hire G4S, employer of Omar Mateen in the St. Lucie County court system, and Mayor Brown said in a written statement there the administration is moving forward with the hiring.

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Fillmore District Councilmember David Franczyk voted against the deal and is cautious about G4S.

"He worked for the same security company that I voted against, although not for the same reason, obviously. No one knew. But, he worked for the same security company we're paying $650,000 for providing security for City Hall," Franczyk cautioned.

"So, one of the questions that I'm going to have is, 'Are these people properly vetted? Is there a thorough background check?'"

In his statement, the mayor said there would be plenty of screening of the armed guards and city police would conduct background checks on the people sent to be City Hall security officers.

Francyzk has more questions.

"This individual is able to purchase these weapons and pass the background check," he asked. "Are all these people given proper psychological tests? Are they given proper deep background tests before they are going to be working here in City Hall?"