As Buffalo grows, student architects build experience

Feb 8, 2016

Higher education is always a mix between the theoretical and the practical. That's especially true for students at UB's Department of Architecture and Planning.


Robert Shibley is Dean of UB's Department of Architecture and Planning.
Credit WBFO News File Photo/Eileen Buckley

During a recent meeting to discuss the future of the current home of Women and Children's Hospital, Architecture and Planning Dean BobShibley was highly visible as a member of the advisory Commission on the site's future. Also highly visible were students from his department.

"We treat our city and region as a laboratory where we learn and contribute every chance we get," Shibley explained.

It's not unusual to see Shibley and his students on hand as the public gathers to learn more about the region's development projects.

"It's a two-way street for us. It matters a lot that we're close to where the action is and we learn from it and, at the same time, we add value to it."

Shibley says when the students finish their programs and go out into the world of work, they can talk about how a real project works because they have seen how it's done in projects like Childrens and others and how they fit in.