Buffalo History Museum announces project to reclaim idled space

Jan 26, 2017

The Buffalo History Museum is looking to reopen space within the Pan-Am Exhibition Building that has been closed for approximately three decades. Museum officials offered an update on a capital campaign for a project inside the Nottingham Terrace building known as "Restore, Reactivate, Reconnect."

The capital campaign, which seeks to raise $1.46 million, began this past fall. Executive Director Melissa Brown announced Thursday morning that to date, the campaign is at 80 percent of the goal.

A rendering of a finished renovation of the Buffalo History Museum's portico is displayed in the space which has been closed to the public for about 30 years. It's part of the museum's capital project, "Restore, Reactivate, Reconnect."
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO

Museum officials plan two renovation projects within the former Pan-American Exposition building. One of the projects is to fix a ground-level section beneath the portico.  It's a space that has been closed to the public for nearly 30 years due to water damage.

"We are looking to reopen the portico, restoring the original doors and windows that are currently blocked in right now," Brown said. "We'll be bringing those doors and windows back, and opening access up back to the park."

Once opened, the portico will allow visitors immediate access to Delaware Park's Mirror Lake, which is located just 50 feet away.

The other project is to convert the former Bflo Made! exhibit into a flexible-use space. It's a space slated to host a tribute to Buffalo sports this fall. The forthcoming exhibit, Icons: The Makers & Moments of Buffalo Sports, is set to open November 17.

Buffalo mayor Byron Brown signs a wall inside a space soon to be renovated inside the Buffalo History Museum.
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO

It will feature relics including game-used equipment, images, a model of the former Offermann Stadium, and more based on public feedback.

"We've asked people in the community through the Buffalo News to tell us who they think are the significant iconic players, the significant iconic moments," Brown said. "We'll be sharing our rich collection with the community to tell that story."