Buffalo International Film Festival returns this weekend

Oct 15, 2015

A mix of locally- and internationally-produced films are on the schedule as the ninth annual Buffalo International Film Festival gets underway, beginning with cocktails and a memorial honoring its late founder Thursday evening.

Founder Edward Summer, who passed away last fall after a battle with cancer, will be remembered at Thursday evening's celebration.

The screenings will begin at noon on Friday. Most of the screenings will take place at the North Park Theater in Buffalo and at the Screening Room in Amherst. The Squeaky Wheel and Pierce Arrow Film & Arts Center will host a panel on Women in Film and a networking/training seminar, respectively.

A full list of the films, venues, ticket prices and additional events connected with the Buffalo International Film Festival can be found on the event's official website.

Festival executive director Raymond Guarnieri explained some of the films to be screened this weekend, as well as the large volume of applicants, and the process by how films were selected. The full interview can be heard by clicking on the file above.