Buffalo man arraigned for erratic ATV driving during Juneteenth

Aug 15, 2019

A Buffalo man has been arraigned in Erie County Court on charges he was recklessly driving an ATV, injuring a police officer.

An indictment charges Cornelius Caddele, 40, with felony second degree assault, plus misdemeanors of leaving the scene of an incident without reporting and resisting arrest.

Caddele is alleged to have started to flee from police who had pulled him over while he was driving an ATV on a public street. He is accused of then dragging a police officer on a bicycle several feet with the ATV and continuing his flight from police for several blocks.

The officer remains off duty with a back injury and road rash. He was a bike patrol during Buffalo's Juneteenth Festival.

Caddele will return to court on Sept. 20 and is being held on $15,000 bail. He could face up to 7 years in prison in convicted of all charges.