Buffalo man charged with beating 4-year-old girl

Apr 3, 2013

A Buffalo man his behind bars in connection with the alleged beating of his girlfriend's four-year old daughter.

Buffalo Police arrested 25-year-old Ediberto Rodriguez of Buffalo. Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda says Rodriguez has been charged with two counts in connection with the physical assault of the child.

Ediberto Rodriguez
Credit Photo provided by Buffalo Police

Derenda says the child was brutally beaten over a four-day period last week inside a home on West  Avenue. He says the defendant slammed the girl into a wall, pushed her down stairs, and bit her.

"[It's] a very horrific incident. It's mind-boggling that this could happen to a child," Derenda said.

The young girl is in the intensive care unit at Women and Children's Hospital with multiple injuries. At this time, police say they do not have a motive.

Derenda says Rodriguez has a history of abusing children and more charges may be coming.