Buffalo Museum of Science "raises the roof" or, rather, a new dome

Aug 11, 2017

It's a visible sign of progress in the Buffalo Museum of Science's ongoing renovation of its Kellogg Observatory. On Friday morning, a new aluminum dome was raised to the museum rooftop and was put in place.

The new dome replaces the green-tinted, copper-coated steel structure that topped the Kellogg Observatory for decades.

Almost in place... A worker peeks out from inside the new aluminum dome that was lifted atop the Buffalo Museum of Science Friday morning. The new dome is part of an ongoing reconstruction of the Kellogg Observatory.
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO

It is just one of many steps to rebuild the observatory, which has been closed since 1999. Other work includes making it accessible for the first time to disabled persons. 

"The rest of the construction that now needs to happen is the addition of a staircase and en elevator, to make sure that everyone who comes to the museum can go up and enjoy that particular new asset." said Marisa Wigglesworth, president and chief executive officer of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences. 

The observatory's telescope, meanwhile, remains in Pennsylvania for restoration. The vintage Lundin refractor was removed last December and is now expected to be returned and installed in early 2018.

Also undergoing construction on the rooftop is an event patio.

"There's going to be walkways and areas so that the roof itself isn't compromised," said Anthony Picone, owner of Picone Construction, which is handling the project. "There will be small events planned for going up there."

What the patio will provide guests is a panoramic view of the city.

"It's beautiful," Picone added.