Buffalo native donates funds to 35 city classrooms for supplies

Mar 11, 2016

An education philanthropy website, that helps fund classroom projects across the United States, conducted a massive push Thursday. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley says a Buffalo native has pledge funding 35 Buffalo Public school classroom projects. 

School classroom
Credit WBFO News file photo

Twitter investor Chris Sacca of Lowercase Capital stepped up during the 'flash funding' effort promoted by DonorsChoose.org.  The Buffalo native joined 58-celebrities, athletes and CEO's across the country to support school projects.

PS 81, Buffalo.
Credit Photo from Buffalo Public Schools website

"My project included math manipulative. There was fraction dice where the kids would get to role and then name what fraction was shown," said Breanna Burke, 5th Grade Special Education Teacher, Buffalo Public School 81.

Burke was thrilled to learn she's among the 35-classroom projects that will receive funding help from Sacca.

"Everyone was like 'who is anonymous. I wanted to know who funded so we can thank them and tell them how much it means to us.'  Later we received an email  and it said exactly who funded which areas, and it really amazing the support that is out there for teachers if you look for it," noted Burke. 

Burke will receive $236 to purchase her math items her special ed students. The website allows teachers to post their proposed classroom needs. Katie Bisbee is Chief Marketing Officers of DonorsChoose.org.

"We hear teachers from across the country saying that it feels like Christmas in March," said Bisbee. "Two gentlemen, together, donated $3.2-million to match all donations at DonorChoose.org. Until the funds run out, anybody can support a classroom project whether they have $5 or $25 to give."

Bisbee said Sacca, who lives in Lake Tahoe, California took an interest in some of the Buffalo classroom requests. "He wanted to surprise teachers by funding their projects," said Bisbee. 

Bisbee said more than 10,000 classrooms nationwide received funding from the big blitz for all their supply requests.  The pledges total $14.2 million.