Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Unveils Public Art

Buffalo, NY – The Buffalo Niagara Campus is the new home to two pieces of public art. One piece, "A Favorable Birdict," is a colorful, metallic sculpture in the shape of a 40-foot bird. It's hoped that this and the other piece will spur patients and visitors to the campus to utilize green space. The sculpture's creator, Bill Wilson, said public art is a good way to bring his craft to a much larger audience.

"I'm so glad that I got involved in the public arts projects," Wilson said. "I know artists think, 'gee whiz, that's not serious art,' but the way I look at it, it gets the public exposed to art in a gentle-like manner. It kind of lures them in. They're kind of intimidated to go into galleries, so they have a little exposure to art."

The second piece, "US Rollin' in America," was installed around the block near Roswell Park. Officials said they hope over time pieces of art will serve as points of interest and rest stops along a series of paths throughout the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.