Buffalo Police to get new rifles and other equipment

Mar 4, 2017

The Buffalo Police Department is making moves to better equip its officers.

The department plans to purchase 450 "active shooter" vests that will provide greater protection against high powered rifles. The force is also getting new Glock Magazine Quadrail rifles, though union members lobbied hard for the purchase of AR-15's. Lieutenant Jeff Rinaldo explains why the AR-15 was not preferred by the department for urban use.

Glock Magazine Quadrail Rifle
Credit Online Screen Grab / WBFO News

"That is a very high velocity rifle, and it is possible with that round that you could have over penetration of a target, meaning that it could go through walls. It could go through the intended target and still be lethal for a distance past the intended target."

The Quadrail rifles also use the same ammunition as the handguns that officers carry. The equipment will be paid for through a state grant.

The Common Council will be voting to approve the spending on Tuesday.