Buffalo Police investigate Parkside motorist shootings

Jan 7, 2016

Buffalo Police are asking for help sorting out a dispute between people in two different vehicles that resulted in a double shooting. 

Police say it happened in the city's Parkside neighborhood about 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Crescent Avenue in the Parkside neighborhood of north Buffalo.
Credit Photo provided by Amber Small, Parkside Community Association.

Someone in one of the vehicles fired shots at the second vehicle in the vicinity of Woodward and Crescent Avenues, injuring a 25-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman. 

Police said the two victims were both shot in the leg area, There were treated and released from from ECMC.

After the shooting, the second vehicle struck two others near Parkside and Crescent. 

No other injuries were reported. 

Police are asking anyone with information to call or text the Confidential TIPCALL line at 847-2255. Parkside. Executive Director of the Parkside Community Association Amber Small tells WBFO News it's 'very unsettling' for residents.

"This went throughout our neighborhood.  We have a lot families, a lot of young children, people who are out in the neighborhood. We are just very thankful no one else was hurt," said Small.

Small noted there are nearby schools with many children in the neighborhood. "We have St. Mark School, we have Almoa Johnson School, we've got Nichols, we've got PS School 54," Small stated. 

Small said it was an 'isolated incident', but encourage residents to call police to report anything unlawful.