Buffalo Police release photo of person of interest in Thursday morning fires

Oct 3, 2014

Buffalo Police have release a surveillance photo of a person of interest in a string of suspicious fires that erupted Thursday morning.

Buffalo Firefighters were busy in the early mornings hours Thursday with six different fires beginning with a rubbish fire just after 4:30am at Massachusetts and 19th Street and ending, finally, with a blaze that apparently  started in a bin on Grant Street and spread to a neighboring building just after 6:30am.  The building was the site of a deli downstairs and apartments upstairs.

Person of Interest in six Buffalo fires
Credit Buffalo Police surveillance photo

Three firefighters and a police officer were injured in the Grant Street Fire.  The blaze left behind an estimated $200,000 in damage to the Grant St. building.

Anyone with information on the person of interest is asked to call the Buffalo Fire Investigation Tip Line at 851-4515.