Buffalo Public Schools remain closed, as ransomware investigation continues

Mar 16, 2021

The ransomware attack on Buffalo schools is continuing to interfere with school operations and efforts to expand the number of kids in buildings.

Schools were closed Monday and activity Tuesday is limited to remote learning on new procedures to sign on to the patched-together district computers and do some schooling. All schools will be remote Wednesday.

The notice on the Buffalo Public Schools website Tuesday.
Credit Buffalo Public Schools

A casualty of this was food for thousands of kids not distributed Monday. Food Service Director Bridget O’Brien-Wood said food was ready in 48 distribution centers for 11,000 students, but fewer than 5,000 showed up for those meals.

Wood said there will be more regular meals Wednesday, along with additional supplies.
"We are having those combo boxes, the USDA farm-to-trunk boxes that we have been having available at our sites. So that’s actually going to be Wednesday and Friday, as well," she said. "So hopefully our families are hearing this and that they’ll be ready to come out and get that extra food from the farm-to-trunk program."

Buffalo Teachers Foundation President Phil Rumore said the food was only one of a sad litany of poor conditions in the schools Monday. He said computers and many fire alarms weren’t working, some schools had no heat and he couldn’t figure why teachers were required to come in at all.

There’s an intense investigation underway on some basic issues, including whether or not personal information was exposed during the attack. The district said it will be making some plans for tougher computer security and infrastructure.

Buffalo Public Schools on Monday issued an update on the ransomware attack.
Credit Buffalo Public Schools