Buffalo rally reacts to Charlottesville violence

Aug 14, 2017

In the wake of the death and injuries in Charlottesville, around 100 protestors turned out Sunday night at Elmwood and Bidwell Avenues in Buffalo. Protestors said they were there in solidarity with those in the Virginia University city who were protesting a white supremacist event.

Protesters made their feelings known at Elmwood and Bidwell on Sunday night.
Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

Italian tourist Simone was there with a friend because he has seen this before, back home.
"Many years ago, we experienced these kinds of situations, several times in the past, like in about 30 years and it's still happening," Simone told WBFO News. 

"So, if we can help fighting every symptom of fascism and Nazism, we will be there."

Another protester, Kathleen Falconer, targeted the comments made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

"He didn't even call it domestic terrorism. He just called it a racial incident. Call it what it was. It was a racist attack on a group of protestors. It's just terrible."

Some in the audience were holding President Donald Trump accountable, saying that he has created a climate which makes racist speech acceptable.

"There's right and wrong and when you have people that are promoting this stuff, they are absolutely wrong and the President of the United States needs to say that in unequivocal terms," said Pastor George Nicholas of the Concerned Clergy Coalition.

"There aren't many sides to this."