Buffalo School Board leader to run for at-large seat

Jan 13, 2014

Buffalo School Board president Barbara Seals-Nevergold says she will be running for an at-large school board seat.

Buffalo School Board president Barbara Seals-Nevergold.
Credit WBFO News photos by Eileen Buckley

Seals-Nevergold issued her decision Monday in a written statement to the media. 

Seals-Nevergold was appointed to the board in January of 2012 when Chris Jacobs left to become Erie County Clerk. Her decision ends much speculation surrounding her future plans. 

Seals-Nevergold tells WBFO News despite the difficult crisis surrounding the district, she wants to continue her work.

"It didn't take a short time to get into the difficulties we are having," said Seals-Nevergold.  "It will take a long time to get out of them." 

School board member Carl Paladino had filed a petition asking the state to remove her, saying Seals-Nevergold violated district policy because she didn't run for election last May. 

Seals-Nevergold says Paladino has "an agenda."  She also accuses Paladino of bullying her. 

"I really do believe it's bullying on his part.  He carries a great deal of weight in the community, and he's throwing that weight around. As a sitting board member, I would hope he would also being to look at and focus on the positive changes that are happening and ways in which he can help," said Seals-Nevergold.

Seals-Nevergold says she believes she will have a tough challenge in the election for the school board seat.

Other candidates for the seat include former mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez and Adrian Harris, who ran unsuccessfully against Paladino and Wendy Mistretta, from the District Parent Coordinating Council.