Buffalo school board moving ahead with redistricting

Sep 24, 2012

Under some pressure from State Education Commissioner John King, the Buffalo school board is moving ahead to redistrict in time for the board election next spring.

While the final decisions will be made by the board, there is an advisory group drawing lines headed by Board Member Ralph Hernandez.

The final shapes for the six districts must meet all of the regular rules on compactness and equality of population among them. That is despite the lines being drawn based on the most-recent Census figures from 2010.

Republican County Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr met with board members to explain what help his office can give in getting the new districts ready.

"The information that we have not only talk about the number of people, but it talks about the community of interest, the population over 18, under 18.  You can determine information with regard to how the future of the schools appeared, turnover the next ten years in addition to that, there's ethnic breakdowns and you're going to want to preserve communities of interest," said Mohr.

Local lawyer Adam Parry has also been appointed to the process. Parry has experience from helping draw the lines for the Erie County Legislature.