Buffalo schools look to make the grade in technology

Apr 18, 2016

Computers and the web have become integral in the modern school classroom. For Buffalo students, the problem is that many don't have computers and don't have web access at home.

Officials want students in Buffalo public schools to have more access to technology.
Credit Buffalo Schools.org

That means students jam public libraries every afternoon to get their school work done, often using school software installed on library computer systems. Eventually, the district wants to make sure every student above third grade has a computer tablet.

Instructional Technology Director William Russo says bigger plans are in the works.
"Providing computer access for parents after hours, with instructional programs and workshop in our community schools. Providing on-site technical support for parents when they are in schools, especially in those parent rooms. Expanding WiFi into our communities, working to penetrate that WiFi beyond our school walls," Russo said.

Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash says the computers and systems can help students accelerate their learning to catch up with their peers, especially their suburban peers who live in worlds filled with technology and equipment at home and classrooms working electronically with the homes.