Buffalo United Artists moving into Alleyway Theatre

Apr 17, 2014

Buffalo United Artists is coming back to the Theater District, moving into the Alleyway Theatre.

BUA lost its home on Chippewa Street to construction of the new Delaware North corporate headquarters and the company cut back on its productions while searching for a new home. 

BUA is moving into the Alleyway Theatre
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Years back, it operated out of the Alleyway, both on the main stage and the smaller Main Street Cabaret before eventually moving to the Chippewa Street site. Right now, the cabaret is housing Jimmy Janowski's performance in Mark Sam Rosenthal's Blanche Survives Katrina in a FEMA Trailer Named Desire.

BUA Artistic Director Javier Bustillos says it's a good deal for both theater companies.

"It's really going to work so well, going back into the theater district," Bustillos says. "The Alleyway has a wonderful space. We're very happy about it."

Alleyway Executive Director Neal Radice says he is glad BUA will be back in the building.

"Not only is it a matter of solving space problems and cash income, but also bringing an audience to a single building where you've got different kinds of programming. Those different kinds of programming are all going to attract different audiences, but once they are in the building, we have the opportunity to cross-market everything we're doing throughout the whole season," Radice says.

BUA's first main stage show will be in July with a version of The Poseidon Adventure, also with Janowski. BUA Artistic Director Javier Bustillos says he is looking for shows for next season that will appeal both to his audience and to Alleyway's adventurous audience interested in new plays.