Buffalo's charter schools offering one-stop online application process for next school year

Mar 26, 2021

Buffalo parents have until April 1 to apply to charter schools for their children's possible enrollment next September. Advocates for charter schools are introducing a website which will allow the parents to apply for consideration by multiple schools at once.

The website Enroll Buffalo Charters allows parents to register an account, after which they may look up basic information on any of the 18 participating charter schools. This information includes state performance data and may be filtered by grade and location.

In the past, parents had to apply to each school individually.

Use of the website is free, and available in English and Spanish.

Participating schools include Buffalo Academy of Science #1, Buffalo Academy of Science #2, Buffalo Collegiate Charter School, Buffalo Commons Charter School, Buffalo Creek Academy, Buffalo United Charter School, Charter School of Inquiry, Elmwood Village Charter School-Days Park, Elmwood Village Charter School-Hertel, Enterprise Charter School, King Center Charter School, Health Sciences Charter School, Persistence Preparatory Academy Charter School, Primary Hall, South Buffalo Charter School, Tapestry Charter School, West Buffalo Charter School and Westminster Community Charter School.