Buffalo's Green Code a likely issue this fall

Jul 18, 2016

Buffalo's planned Green Code is still locked in the back rooms of the Common Council, as members study what is in it and what changes might be made. Council President Darius Pridgen says it is likely to emerge after the August recess.

Lovejoy District Councilmember Richard Fontana says there are wide concerns about parts of the code.

"Going through it page by page, you have to go word by word to see what the actual effects are in the neighborhoods," Fontana said. "Many people aren't happy with the fact that some of the provisions call for more density and less parking. Some people aren't happy with the approved choices for uses in areas. So there are a lot of real world questions out there that if the Green Code is passed as written what will it do in reality in the community."

The code is a constant presence in development, with some projects being pushed before the new rules take effect and others essentially being designed to meet the current understanding of the code.

Delaware District Councilmember Joel Feroleto is currently dealing with a height issue, in the planned mixed-use complex for Elmwood Avenue and Forest Avenue. It calls for five stories, although much more setback from the street than in some other projects along Elmwood.

"There's a lot of different heights on Elmwood, but without taking the variance for the height, people are concerned with developers being able to build something, such as a five-story building, without having the public hearings that would be associated with the Zoning Board approval," Feroleto said.