Business executives less confident about the economy

Jan 9, 2013

Business executives across New York State are less confident about the economic situation and their expansion plans for the future.

In a poll conducted by Siena College Research Institute and sponsored by First Niagara Bank, only 28-percent of the executives surveyed expect the state's economy to grow this year, down from 33-percent last year.

At the same time, the 189 Western New York executives who responded to the survey expect to hire more people and do more business while making less profit.

The bank's regional market executive Buford Sears said executives aren't happy about the economic picture.

"This is reflective of a sense of disappointment or unease or frustration that is generally felt across the country, in general and not just within the business community, but among the populace at large," said Sears.

Sears said there are good signs in the region, especially the growing jobs and economic activity in and around the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.  You can read the entire Siena First Niagara survey online.