Buyers interested in Lake Shore hospital

Nov 4, 2013

Some lawmakers remain optimistic that there will be a buyer for Lake Shore Health Care Center in Irving.

Hospital leaders announced last month plans to shut down the facility by January 31. But since then, some optimism has been mounting that a new buyer could be stepping in to purchase the facility. 

Lake Shore is scheduled to close January 31

Rep. Tom Reed was asked about those efforts during a morning conference call with local reporters. Reed says there are rumors of several parties interested in buying the facility, though he has only seen one concrete offer, so far.

"There are potential bidders that are interested in keeping that facility open. We want to provide a resource to them to tell them that we're going to work with them to keep Lake Shore open and keep those jobs for our local constituents," Reed said.

Lake Shore provides medical care for many Southern Tier residents and is a major employer in the region. About 460 people would be out of work if Lake Shore closes.