Byrne Dairy announces $28M expansion in East Syracuse, 64 new jobs

22 hours ago

Byrne will become the first dairy in central New York to package milk in aseptic packaging.


The dairy is a familiar name across New York State. It will expand its East Syracuse facility by more than 22,000 square feet, with most of that new processing and production allowing Byrne to move into the aseptic milk and beverage business.

Byrne President Carl Byrne said aseptic processing is the logical next step for the company because consumers want products with longer shelf lives.

"We’ll be making packages from eight ounce to 32 ounce, that are shelf stable, that will last up to a year, don’t need refrigeration,” Byrne said. “Then, people will be able to order milk not only in New York State, but the Northeast and across the states, directly delivered to their home.”

The groundbreaking featured shovels and face masks.
Credit Ellen Abbott / WRVO News

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, on hand for the announcement, noted this is a logical step in light of the pandemic, which has seen a spike in demand for these kind of products. She compared it to the dairy’s role delivering milk in the Great Depression.

"Milk was transported by horse to families to make sure they have what they need to get through tough times,” Hochul said. “Fast forward to 2020, not saying it’s a depression and I hope it doesn’t morph into a depression, but think about the fact that families also need milk delivered to their homes now.”

The project is expected to be completed early next year, and create 64 new, full-time positions at Byrne.  The company is getting $5 million in grants and job creation tax credits from Empire State Development, as well as tax breaks from the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency.