Call for minimum wage increase

Jun 11, 2012

Campaign contributions appear to be flowing to Albany from opponents of increasing the minimum wage.  According to Fair Elections for New York, $399,436.87 in contributions have been made to the campaigns of state senators and party committees since January 2010. 

Meanwhile, the proposed hike in the minimum wage remains stalled. At a press conference Monday, outside Lincoln United Methodist Church, Director of Community Organizing for PUSH Buffalo, Jennifer Meccozi said, there's strength in numbers, and people can send a message to politicians. 

"There's too many of us and way less of them...we're the ones that keep the 1% in their jobs. We're the ones...working at that level...makes them get to where they are.  If we all walked out, where would they be?", Mecozzi said.

Data released by Fair Elections For New York shows nearly a third of the contributions were made by the New York Association of Convenience Stores.  The Retail Council of New York State made nearly $60,000.00 in contributions.  And Wal-Mart contributed $41,875.00.  

Most of the money went to the Republican State Committee and Republican lawmakers.