Cameras leading to less speeding in school zones

Mar 11, 2020

Buffalo parking commissioner Kevin Helfer says the city's new school zone cameras are already showing significant improvement in reducing speeding.

Helfer compared recent data to data from over a month ago. He said since the installation of the cameras, the number of drivers going over 26 miles per hour in a school zone decreased by 75 percent.

Mayor Brown said the city installed the cameras to protect children.

"Are we more concerned about $50 than we are about the life of a child? This is about ensuring compliance. We want people to slow down. We want people to comply with the speed limit and we want to keep our children safe," Brown said.

The speed limit in these zones is 15 miles per hour, but the cameras will capture the license plates of cars going over 26 miles per hour, sending violations within 14 business days.

Currently, there are cameras operating at Canisius High School and at the Makowski Early Childhood Center, but the city expects to announce the next operational cameras Thursday.