Canada - and the world - preparing for outcome of U.S. presidential election

Oct 30, 2020

With the U.S. presidential election only days away, the entire world is watching the campaign closely. Canada is no exception. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being tight-lipped about his preference for the White House, but said he is preparing for any outcome.

Trudeau held a virtual meeting with two of the European Union’s top political leaders and high on their agenda was the presidential election. Trudeau and the others agreed, the outcome has major implications worldwide.

Although they would not comment on the candidates, they all said they want to see a reset of what they described as strained relations and a need for a multilateral approach in climate change, digital interference and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Trudeau said his government is preparing for every possible outcome after next week’s vote.
"We will continue to stand up and defend Canadian interests, look for greater opportunities for co-operation, look to deepen the already close ties between Canada and the United States, regardless of the outcomes,” he said.
A recent survey by the Environics Institute found about 60% of Canadians had an unfavorable view of the United States. The survey, conducted two weeks ago, also found 67% of Canadians favored Democratic nominee Joe Biden, while only 15% preferred Donald Trump.

Since 1988, Canadians have consistently favored Democratic candidates. In the last U.S. presidential election, held in 2016, only 17% of Canadians preferred Trump, while 68% wanted Hilary Clinton to win.