Canalside 'Cool Globes' exhibit depicts various forms of climate change

Jun 16, 2016

Another attraction has made its home at Canalside and it’s an exhibit with an environmental message. ‘Cool Globes,’ a set of a dozen large globes lined up near the waterfront, is designed to get people thinking about climate change.

Each globe has its own global warming message. The artwork has toured around the world, making stops in Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Jerusalem and other cities.

Credit Matt Neidhart/WBFO News

Credit Matt Neidhart/WBFO News

“I think it’s great, just the esthetic part of it, looking at the globes and the artwork involved, plus talking about global warming and all that stuff too. It really brings attention to what’s going on around the world,” said Tom Glogowski of Amherst, who viewed the exhibit Thursday.

Credit Matt Neidhart/WBFO News

The artwork was first displayed in Chicago in 2007 and has been seen by over three million eyes since. It also currently resides in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan.

“We are delighted to work with Governor Cuomo to bring ‘Cool Globes’ to Buffalo to celebrate New Yorkers’ commitment to addressing climate change and building a more sustainable future,” said Wendy Abrams, founder of Cool Globes, Inc. “The globes promote solutions to climate change with simple actions by individuals and businesses.”

Cuomo says the exhibit is a strong symbol for what New York State represents when it comes to protecting the environment.

“New York has led the nation on climate change and this project highlights our continued commitment to protecting our planet for future generations,” Cuomo said, in a statement. “‘Cool Globes’ encourages New Yorkers to take simple steps to preserve our environment, and I am proud to host this exhibit as we work to build a cleaner, greener and more sustainable New York.”

Jack Higgins of Buffalo said he doesn't necessarily agree with the concept, but enjoyed the artwork.

“It’s very interesting. The message itself I’m sort of mixed on, but I think it’s nice that it’s being displayed and people can view them.”

The exhibit will be on display at Canalside until November 20.