Candidates haggle over tax returns

Aug 16, 2012

Tax returns took center stage this week in the heated battle for the 27th Congressional district.

Earlier this week, Democratic Representative Kathy Hochul offered the public a look at the her salary and that of her husnand, U.S. Attorney William Hochul.

The figures produced fodder for her Republican foe, Chris Collins, who said the Hochuls have become millionaire's on the backs of taxpayers.

"She's not really this middle class person she pretends to be," said Collins.

Congresswoman Hochul refuted the attacks.

"But I have not made money in manufacturing investing in companies in China, like Chris Collins has we need to know what else is in his tax returns that he is running from," said Hochul.

Hochul called upon Collins to release his tax returns, which he did to the Buffalo News, which reports the former County Executive earned nearly a million dollars in 2011.

In a late Wednesday  afternoon interview with WBFO and AM970, Collins took a final shot at his Democratic opponent.

"It goes back to hypocrite Kathy  Hochul, who is running a divisive class warfare campaign, complaining about her term, millionaires billionaires and she's pretending to be this middle class individual, that struggles like most Americans, and she's not," said Collins. 

Hochul said the criticism is disingenuous - considering Collins is still hiding his tax returns.
In an interview with WBFO News - Collins said he will be releasing his tax returns shortly.