Candidates lining up for Buffalo School Board

Apr 9, 2013

With a lot of talk about Buffalo Board of Education elections, the candidates are starting to file to run in the May 7 election. 

Traditionally, the turnout in the Buffalo School Board races is minuscule with just hundreds of total votes cast in some districts.

This year is shaping up to be different, with groups like Citizen Action running a slate of candidates and Buffalo developer Carl Paladino expected to back candidates besides his own race in South Buffalo's Park District.

Incumbent East District member Rosalyn Taylor filed her petitions Monday as did Sue Gillick who is running against incumbent Jason McCarthy in the North District.

Gillick said Buffalo Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown is doing the right thing in cleaning house in the City Hall bureaucracy.

Sue Gillick is running against incumbent Jason McCarthy in the North District for Buffalo School Board
Credit WBFO News photo by Mike Desmond

"They do not communicate with the schools or the principals. They do not communicate with the community. We need to have a better communication. We need to let the schools be heard. We collect a lot of data in the schools. None of that is used for curriculum. We need to start using data in ways that will be helpful for our children," said Gillick.

Gillick is a graduate of Buffalo Public schools who went on to a career as a school psychologist and special education advocate, mostly in public schools. 

Gillick also served on the committee which re-wrote the rules controlling school discipline and suspension.