From Capitol insurrection to inauguration, Zremski offers a view of extremes

Jan 21, 2021

Between Wednesday's Presidential Inauguration and the siege on the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., has been under heightened scrutiny recently. Jerry Zremski, Washington Bureau Chief for the Buffalo News, has been close to the activity. He was among a handful of reporters nearby as President Biden recited the oath of office.  "A lot of people who were there thought it was a very exhilarating experience," said Zremski, who was also in the Capitol as a mob stormed into the building on January 6.

In a morning conversation with WBFO, Zremski noted the significance of how the Inauguration was able to proceed at the same site where mob violence had occurred two weeks earlier.

"It was a living example that our Democracy had survived."

Zremski was working at the Capitol as the mob made its way through its corridors. The memory isn't likely to fade.

"It affected everyone I know who works on Capitol Hill, be they Congressional staffers or reporters. It felt very much like a violation," Zremski said.

"Imagine a mob running through your workplace. Some place you've worked for years and years and years."

"Imagine how you would feel"