Cash getting a handle on city school issues

Oct 12, 2015

Though he's been on the job for just a few months, Dr. Kriner Cash believes he's coming to grips with some of the most-pressing issues inside the troubled Buffalo school system. Attendance and student safety are emerging as two of the biggest problems.

Credit WBFO News file photo

When it comes to student attendance, Cash admits "it's a complex issue."

Attendance rates in recent years have reached stunning levels.

"One of theĀ  big issues is bussing," said Cash, adding that overcrowded buses provide another impediment to a student's desire to get to school.

A female student at Riverside High School was accused recently of threatening another student with a knife. It adds to a gnawing district problem that has Cash considering some proactive measures.

One focus will be "better training of our officers and our security team inside the schools." Cash may also consult the board as he contemplates adding "metal detection at some our high-incident schools."