Catholic Charities meets $11 million Appeal goal

Jun 26, 2018

Just four days before its deadline, the 2018 Catholic Charities Appeal has surpassed its goal.

Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone announced Tuesday that the 94th annual Appeal has raised $11,007,179.

Malone says he was concerned about being able to reach the goal given the decline in church membership and the church's abuse crisis.
"We're all angry about the sex abuse crisis. Me too. But some people translated their anger into pulling back donations which, I think, is very unfortunate because it hurts more people. People were hurt through abuse. But if we don't help Catholic Charities, you know what I mean, more people are hurt. But we came through, that's the important thing," Malone said.  

Bishop Malone
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

As recently as May 15, the Bishop said Catholic Charities faced a seemingly insurmountable shortfall of $1.5 million. Restaurateur and community benefactor Russell Salvatore is credited with stepping forward to help ensure another successful Appeal.