Catholic School Advisory Board taps Bennett's expertise

May 6, 2015

Long-time New York State Board of Regents member Robert Bennett will offer his expertise to the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Bishop Richard Malone announced that Robert Bennett has been appointed to serve on the Catholic School Advisory Board.  

Robert Bennett, former NYS Board of Regents member.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Catholic Schools Superintendent Carol Kostyniak tells WBFO News as they work to move Catholic schools forward they will seek Bennett's education advice.

"We certainly we are looking for the academic advice and moving our schools forward," said Kostyniak. "To help us as we are assessing data, we could be stronger. So there are a lot of nuggets we hope to garner from him. He has a broad range of expertise."

Bennett was appointed to the Board of Regents in 1995. He also served as Regent Chancellor. Bennett recently ended his long-time representation for the Buffalo region.  

"Bob also comes with a wonderful passion for his faith -- his Catholic faith -- so we are looking for that expertise as well," said Kostyniak. Bennett is an active Catholic church member and has been involved in the Diocese for a number of years.    

“Bob is highly respected and brings an enormous amount of experience and expertise to the council,” Bishop Malone said.  “I am sure he will make significant contributions to our efforts to build up the Catholic identity and strong academic foundation of our Catholic schools