Caucus could strengthen WNY bargaining power

Aug 27, 2016

Bob Duffy thinks upstate lawmakers should bridge their political differences, and work together to advance economic interests in upstate New York.

Duffy, the former Lieutenant Governor and current president of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, has floated the idea of having state legislators - no matter what party they represent - form an upstate caucus to push for legislation that would focus on the upstate area. He says these communities have a lot in common, especially when compared against legislation that affects New York City.

Bob Duffy
Credit WBFO File Photo / WBFO

“What impacts Syracuse, impacts Rochester, Buffalo, Watertown, Binghamton, everywhere in-between. This is a way that we can just bring people together and focus on what are those things that will have an impact.”

Duffy is suggesting that a group of Upstate legislators could pick a few major issues each year centering on economic development, and work to get those bills passed.