Chautauqua Board votes for new Amphitheater

Aug 30, 2015

The Board of Trustees for the Chautauqua Institution voted to take bids on the reconstruction of the historic amphitheater.

The structure has been in need of repair, and preservationists were vying to save the original structure. George Murphy, the Vice President and Chief of Marketing for the Chautauqua Institution said that acting to preserve the structure would not guarantee its long term integrity.

Chautauqua Amphitheater
Credit WBFO News file photo / WBFO News

"The overwhelming majority of Chautauquans realize that that facility just isn't adequate, and we need to to something with it. I think we're blessed that we've raised 33 million of the 35 million, so someone has a vote of confidence, and I think their relieved that we're going to go forward, strengthen the programming here and strengthen the whole community."

The new project will bring the facility up to code with the American Disabilities act, it will improve sightlines and provide a secure structure for the next 100 years.