Chef Dan Felder on research and development, bringing new life to classic dishes

Jan 10, 2020

Photo: Chef Dan Felder in the Pilot R&D test kitchen.

Dan Felder
Photo: Ali Bouzari

In the world of chefs, to come up with a new flavor combination or a new dish sometimes isn't enough. For a certain kind of restaurant, creativity is measured in how many new ideas or techniques you come up with - can you make food that literally no one has ever seen before? To do that, there is a whole class of chefs who basically never cook food you or I will ever eat. They're there purely for research and development or R&D. Ali Bouzari, a culinary scientist himself, interviewed his business partner Dan Felder, one of the brightest minds in this business, on some of the lengths he's gone to, to try to get a new idea right.

Dan Felder is the Chief Innovation Officer and a Co-Founder of Pilot R&D. Ali Bouzari is also a founder of Pilot R&D, and the author of Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food.