'Chemically assisted suicide' prompts hazmat precautions in Amherst

Sep 25, 2019

All roads are open in Amherst following an active morning for police. Capt. Chris Meyer said a complaint of loud music about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday turned into much more.

"Upon arrival of officers, the officers discovered the house looked suspicious and it resembled what could possibly have been what we would determine was a chemically assisted suicide," he said.

Meyer said authorities did not know what potential hazards may be present, so they decided on the side of caution to treat the home on Garland Drive as a hazmat scene. Eggertsville Fire plus Brighton and Clarence hazmat teams responded, as well as Amherst's Emergency Response Team and coordinator.

He says neighbors in the two adjacent homes were asked to evacuate and Amherst Schools were notified that the area had been closed off to traffic, but the scene was cleared before buses started rolling. Eggert Road was closed between Crosby Boulevard and Hendricks Boulevard until shortly after 6 a.m.

"At the time of the incident, it was determined there was no danger to the surrounding area," Meyer said. "There was one party inside the residence that was deceased, however, we're not gonna be releasing any further details on that pending notification of the family."

Meyer said the investigation is continuing into the exact chemcials used and cause of death.