Chilling details from killer's note in Webster

Dec 26, 2012

Details continue to emerge from Monday's deadly shootings in a suburb of Rochester.  62-year-old William Spengler opened fire on firefighters after setting a fire at his Webster home Christmas Eve morning. 

Spangler shot four firefighters trying to battle the flames, killing two and critically wounding two others. Spengler then turned his gun on himself, dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering released information Tuesday from a note left by Spengler. WXXI reporter Scott Fybush said the letter sheds some light on Spengler's rampage.

"There was certainly a chill in the room, even among the news people at the news conference yesterday, when Chief Pickering read this one line," said Fybush. 

A three-paged, type-written letter stated that Spengler was getting ready to see how much of the neighborhood he could burn down "so he could get on with what he enjoyed doing best which he said was killing people," said Fybush.

Spengler was armed with three firearms, including a semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle. 

Investigators are trying to determine how Spengler, a former convict, acquired guns, including an assault rifle used in the attack.  Spangler was convicted in 1981 for the murder of his grandmother the prior year.  He served 17 years in prison.

Spangler was living with his mother and 67-year-old sister since he was released from prison.  His mother died in October and he continued to lived sister.  Police said human remains were found inside the Spengler's home, believed to be his sister.  

"There's a lot more that we are going to be learning about this relationship he had with his sister and his mother who had just died in October," said Fybush.   

Chief Pickering told reporters it appeared Spengler was "ready to go to war." 

Firefighters were prevented from battling the fires. Seven homes were destroyed by the blaze Spengler set. Thirty residents were evacuated from the neighborhood Monday along the Lake Ontario shoreline. They were allowed to return Tuesday.

Wakes will be held for Webster Firefighters Michael "Chip" Chiapperini and Tomasz Marian Kazowk, who died in the line of duty, Friday and Saturday.  Funerals will be held Sunday and Monday.

The following is posted by the West Webster Fire Department:

The public may call 6-9 PM Friday, 12-3 & 6-9 PM Saturday at Webster Schroeder High School, 875 Ridge Road, Webster.