Chris Collins Announces Candidacy for Erie County Executive

Buffalo, NY – Another candidate has tossed his hat into the ring for Erie County Executive. Republican Chris Collins says voters should look to his business experience and not career politicians to reform a failed county government.

Collins calls the current county government dysfunctional. He says elected leaders have failed to take advantage of the county's potential, and he'll run on his long record of turning around under-performing businesses.

Collins made the announcement on the shop floor of his successful motor repair business -- Volland Electric.

Collins is the manager of Cobblestone Enterprises, which owns several local businesses including ZeptoMetrix and Niagara Ceramics, in addition to Volland Electric.

Collins says he is optimistic about working with the Democratic majority in the County Legislature. He says legislators share his goals of stimulating the local economy. And he anticipates smooth collaboration with the county control board.

County Republican Chairman James Domagalski was at the announcement and says Collins is an excellent candidate, but the process for nominee selection is still ongoing. He says the Republican Party will make an official endorsement this Saturday.

Amherst Council Member William O'Loughlin has already announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination and says he is eager to engage voters early in a primary campaign.

Collins lost a 1998 challenge for John LaFalce's seat in Congress.

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