City of Buffalo begins school zone camera enforcement

Jan 6, 2020

Beginning Monday, the City of Buffalo is adding camera enforcement in 14 school zones.

Starting one hour before the beginning of a school day, and continuing for one hour after schools dismiss their students, cameras will monitor auto traffic. Motorists traveling 26 miles per hour or faster will be captured on video. Violations will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, not the driver.

Credit WBFO file photo

While the cameras are programmed to catch those driving over 25 miles per hour, City Parking Enforcement Commissioner Kevin Helfer notes the posted speed limit in school zones is actually 15 miles per hour.

"Police officers can issue, anywhere from 16 to 25 (miles per hour), whereas the law says that cameras can only issue at 26," Helfer said. "I think my message to the public is go 15."

Violators will face fines of 50 dollars. However, Mayor Byron Brown notes that the city is allowing a grace period during the first month, so that motorists become accustomed to the additional enforcement.

"(Tickets) will be written as a warning for a month, between January 6 and February 6, just to further inform the public that the cameras are installed, that the city is actively monitoring speed zones, and that this is being done to protect the safety of children in the City of Buffalo," Mayor Brown said.

State legislation allows cameras to be installed in up to 20 zones. The cost to operate the system, Helfer explained, will be covered by a portion of violation fines.

Cameras are installed in the following locations: 3125 Bailey Avenue, 3130 Bailey Avenue, 1177 Delaware Avenue, 1236 Delaware Avenue, 1463 Elmwood Avenue, 1087 Jefferson Avenue, 1132 Jefferson Avenue, 694 Kensington Avenue, 311 Military Road, 522 Military Road, 267 Porter Avenue, 255 S. Elmwood Avenue, 295 Suffolk Street and 302 Suffolk Street.