City Council considers daytime curfew

Jan 13, 2015

University District Common Council member Rasheed Wyatt told a Buffalo Common Council committee he still wants a daytime curfew for young people in the city when they should be in school. During a public hearing Monday Wyatt said details still need to be worked out.

Council members have raised several issues relating to daytime curfews.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

The University council member says kids who should be in school are committing burglaries in his district. City schools have a terrible attendance problem and few resources to deal with it. That's compounded by suspension issues with thousands of students told they can't come on school district property during the day, potentially leaving them vulnerable to the curfew.

District Parent Coordinating Council President Sam Radford said he supports the curfew in principle but there are details, especially in young people being stopped by police during the day.
"If a child is not doing nothing, you know what tends to happen. I'm saying people tend to be reactive because I'm not doing anything: Why are you bothering me? And why are you bothering me can lead to you disrespecting me and you disrespecting me can lead to well," Radford said.

"Now we're into all the stuff that we see take place across the country. So, if we can prevent if from falling into a police interaction."

Radford said this proposal puts the stress on the police when it's the responsibility of the schools which have cut attendance staff. The school district says it wants students in school and not on the corner.