City Green Code rolled out at a public meeting

Nov 15, 2015

Buffalo's proposed Green Code was rolled out to the public Saturday during a meeting at the ECC City Campus.

The Green Code is slated to replace just about every city set of rules and codes for development and land use. It's now before the Common Council.

Residents hear about Buffalo's new Green Code at ECC City meeting.
Credit Photo by Mike Desmond / WBFO News

The city-wide meeting will be followed by Council district meetings to show the plans for each district. The current set of rules for zoning is almost 70-years-old and has been tinkered with time and again.

Strategic Planning Director Brendan Mehaffy says there was a lot of public input.

"This was designed to get many different opinions captured into this document," Mehaffy said. "And the way that we did this is we went out to the community, we spoke with (people) about many different issues and, I think, the community should see a lot of those reflected in this document.

"The community doesn't always agree with itself. So, there are members of the community who want to see one thing and there are members who want to see another. So, we're just continuing that dialogue."

Those disagreements showed up with visitors to Saturday's city-wide meeting. Some are looking forward to what the Green Code could do to help their community while others argues it damages good things which have long been around.

The Council is expected to spend months working on the code and potentially making the changes members want.