City keeping close watch on MLK Park construction

Jul 13, 2012

The completion date of a new, high-tech wading pool at Martin Luther King Park in Buffalo has been delayed.  But Mayor Byron Brown he is focused on the quality of the project, not the delays.

"This is going to be a world class water feature.  It's going to be a state-of-the-art water feature," said Mayor Brown.

Mayor Brown said the city is closely monitoring the revitalization project.   The new wadding-splash pad was supposed to be completed by July 1., but the contractor, Man O' Trees, now said it won't be ready until August 10.    

"The project is a little over 40% complete now.  We have inspectors that are out on the project site every single day from the beginning of work to the end of work every single day," said Mayor Brown. 

Long time community activist Sam Herbert has voiced his displeasure with the incomplete work. The mayor has downplayed any concerns raised about the contractors track record on completing other city projects on-time.  Brown defended the city's bidding process for the project.

"The bidder was selected by the Department of Public Works believing the bidder could do the project," said Mayor Brown.  

But the major project is complicated.  The high tech wading pool would provide an animated water display.  It  features computerized water jets and lights with changing colors.

"There is considerable pipping to make it work," said Mayor Brown.  "The cement has been tested."

When complete will not only provide summer fun, but serve as an ice skating rink in the winter months.  In the Fall and Spring month, the splash pad will become a reflection pond.