City school board moves forward with superintendent search

Jun 18, 2015

The Buffalo Board of Education has agreed to move forward with background checks on nine of the 20 candidates who applied for the superintendent post. 

Buffalo School Board.
Credit WBFO News file photo

WBFO News spoke with  Minority Board Member Mary Ruth Kapsiak, who says she is pleased, for the most part, with some of those who have applied.

"Of course there are people that applied that don't have all of the necessary -- well they have the credentials, but not New York State," noted Kapsiak. "Hopefully someone that has the New York State license, so we don't get caught up in trying to get them certified."

But Kapsiak stopped short of revealing any candidates she may be favoring at this point to lead the city schools.

"Well I don't want to say at this time, because it is a decision that I think should be nine people. Of course I have a person I would like to see have it, but I don't want to give that information," stated Kapsiak.

The school board has decided to move forward and name an interim Superintendent at next Wednesday's meeting as members reviews applicants for the permanent position.

Kapsiak said naming an interim leader is the best thing to do as current superintendent Don Ogilvie is set to leave July 1. 

"To get school up and running and we really need someone that knows the district because it's not an easy task," said Kapsiak.  "That an interim, at this point, would be the ideal thing to do because that will give you time to vent the persons it's down to."