City teachers still haven't voted on proposed evaluation

Feb 26, 2013

Buffalo teachers still have not voted on the proposed evaluation system of their work and it may be a few weeks before there is a decision.

Buffalo Teachers Federation president  president Phil Rumore held a question and answer session with city school teachers Monday evening.  Rumore will be holding more sessions Tuesday night and next week.

Rumore issued thick handouts with the details of the teacher evaluation system which was bargained with the Buffalo School District, trying to ease concerns about what's been agreed to.

The union president has signed the deal but it's subject to a vote by teachers and he's not sure it will pass.  He says it's a complicated process.

"First thing that will happen is that once we have all the data available for the teachers...sent to the teachers, there will be a vote sometime in the beginning of March towards the second week of March of the teachers in the buildings. Then that vote will be listened to by the delegate chair. Then there will be a Council of Delegates meeting where a final vote will take place on Wednesday the 20th of March," said Rumore.

Rumore says teachers are angry that too much is being pushed on them; the evaluations, new Common Core teaching standards and mandated state tests of students, and that's all happening while teachers have been without a union contract the last eight years.