City's snow-fighting fleet ready to roll

Nov 26, 2013

The City of Buffalo says it is "fully prepared" to tackle the snow.

City officials will monitor and track this week's storm closely. An estimated 25 to 30 pieces of snow fighting equipment will hit the city streets tonight. This year, the city added ten new wing plows to its snow-fighting fleet.

Buffalo's snow-fighting crews will be out Tuesday and Wednesday to clear the flakes from city streets.
Credit File photo

Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak is reminded residents to follow parking restrictions on city streets to allow for quicker clean-up of the snowfall.

"Our plowing system is based on the parking changes. Follow the parking signs on your street that allow us to get down there and get that one side cleared off. It's very helpful for us," Stepniak told WBFO.

Stepniak is urging motorists to allow for extra time in getting to their destinations. He suggests making sure vehicles are full of gas and windshield wiper fluid.

Three to five inches of snow are forecast for the city Tuesday night, with another two to four inches expected on Wednesday.